6 Inspirational Quotes From Harvard Business Review

Here some quotes on my latest reading.

On lifelong learning / Learning to learn

  • When confronted with new learning, this is often our first roadblock: We focus on the negative and unconsciously reinforce our lack of aspiration
  • That requires a willingness to experiment and become a novice again and again: an extremely discomforting notion for most of us.
  • The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.

On lifelong learning / Making Yourself Indispensable

  • If it’s clear that you can perform all your responsibilities at a high level, you are no longer in the right job.
  • A strength you feel passionate about that is not important to your organization is essentially a hobby, and a strength the organization needs that you don’t feel passionate about is just a chore

Cross Silo Leadership

  • The value of horizontal teamwork is widely recognized. Employees who can reach outside their silos to find colleagues with complementary expertise learn more, sell more, and gain skills faster