DevOps Training week #1

I am mentoring someone interested in DevOps and CloudOps field. Let us try to fix a training plan that will help.

This is only a guideline, not a tutorial on how to do each steep. Google it, you will find everything you need.

My recommendation is that DevOps and Cloud training has a cost, but cheap.
Get a server on GCP or AWS is cheap but not free. I will recommend getting a domain name it’s cheap but not free.

Here are some steeps to follow.

  • Buy a domain name.,, or .fr. it’s about 10€ per year for a .com, 3€ for a .ovh, I’m sure you can find some cheap domain. Try “google domain”, “ovh domain”, “gandi domain” in a search engine, should explain how to get a domain.
    Why? to activate https. A website is not finished if there is no “https”.
    It will be for training purpose, not to have a website 24/7 (little more costly, we will see later to find cheap solution for that)
  • Open an account on a cloud provider like Google Cloud Provider or AWS.
  • Understand difference between Iaas, Paas, Saas, Caas and Faas. Just briefly.
  • Run a VM (cheapest one) on the provider
  • Point your DNS zone on your VM
  • Install apache and get a hello http page.
  • Activate https with let’s encrypt (check certbot)
  • Install PHP and display some phpinfo();
  • Turn off the VM (maybe just turn it off, don’t destroy it, it is cheaper)

This should do an introduction about CloudOps.