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I'm not DevOps, I'm a DevCloud guy


DevOps what's brings togother two separate teams, developers and operations people. That's the meaning of Dev and Ops words, I'm sure you have already seen this definition. We can argue that DevOps is more a cultural thing about automation and improvement of systems by mesuring, also calls three pillars of DevOps.

I guess it depends on teams you deal with and the size of the entreprise. In my case, I'm working mainly with developers. In fact, I'm more a DevCloud guy, I just made this up, but I bring Developers and Cloud togother, whatever Cloud means. If cloud is someone esle Ops, I guess DevCloud could be DevSomeoneElseOps.

CloudOps needs some Ops understanding but with cloud providers, the abstraction is such that it is far from the traditionnal Ops technique. My work is to ship developer's code into the best fit managed services that the manager is willing to pay.

Not every Ops teams made the shift into modern infrastructure. DevOps ask for automation tools like ansible and terraform, and make change on infrastructure with less frictions. No needs to bare metal anymore. Just compute power on demand.

Does the word DevOps misleading on what it really is. Is DevOps still the link between Dev and Ops as it was.