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After Obsidian and Logseq, I give Dendron a try


What an exciting moment for note taking app nerds, new apps and concepts emerges quickly. But it's time to make a choice.


I wrote last year something about Obsidian for tech people and even how to sync between android and Desktop.

Almost the good app. In my case, it became messy. I started with a Work and Home folder, then tried the PARA method, put everything in archive folder. Then I needed some kind of refactor, tried the nice dataview (I was a full-time dev for almost a decade with 100+ lines SQL to handles).

I tried foam plugin for VSCOde, it's nice if you want to integrate the vault in your dev environment, but the Obsidian's WYSIWYG is nice. I often have several VSCode open, this will add up, one more VSCode open to switch of. (I know, workspace power...)


I tried the app twice. Some nice features, maybe the bullet everywhere rule was not for me. I don't like the idea that Logseq mess with your markdown for information like collapsed bullets, but it would not bother too much if it was the chosen one.

Evernote, OneNote

I won’t mind paying extra fee for a premium service, like sync more devices.

OneNote is fine, kind of slow to load in a web browser. I used it for several years. Maybe it's my nerd side, I can't just use OneNote, not nerdy enough!

Android Phone App

I thought this was a requirement, I setup syncthings with Obsidian. But for me, I don't use the mobile app much often.

The only thing I need is to capture a thought quickly, this input could be any app. It doesn’t have to be the same app that my main note taking app. I choose Google Drive (Doc), it has offline mode, and load quickly. The web interface can be used to process the note back to the main app if needed.

At work

One prerequisite is I dont want files to be store on my corporate computer.

I don't mind access with VSCode over SSH with a remote plugin. And remote access to computer could be OK. I made some setup with Google Chrome Remote Desktop. The problem with that is it take lots of bandwidth (+700Mo per 10 hours). Teamviewer is sometime buggy.

You cannot use every software on enterprise computer, you have to think as well if you change of company, will the solution still have allowed. VSCode over SSH could be a solution often allowed when you are Dev or DevOps.

At home

I'm with a Chromebook but have a Linux with Google Chrome Remote Desktop 24/7. I open a session, in 5 seconds I'll be connected to the VSCode.


You might don't know yet Dendron, it's a VSCode plugin linked thoughts note app with hierarchy first approach. Kind of best of all approach between all links no folder approach of Obsidian and hierarchy based like Evernote. Folders are virtual with a

It was at YC'21 batch.

A folder is also a note, that could be easier for refactoring. You can have a large note, keep some part of it and move a chunk in a sub note inside.

What I don't use (yet?) is the ability for structure with schema. The idea is to have sub note inside a folder that has always the same structure.
Hierachie and refactor approach is what make me want to try the app (and more in fact).

Fix a deadline, tips

One year ago, I was into Notion, then Obsidian for few months, then tried Logseq, back to Obsidian, tried the PARA method with Evernote, tried again OneNote and Notion if it could fit my new knowledge about PKM, back to Obsidian and now Dendron. You get the point; I'm switching all the time.

I'll give myself some more time, but at a given date, I'll commit to an app, at least this is the plan.

Maybe take larger note, split when obvious, not so atomic.

I'll give some feedback in a month if I'm still use Dendron !