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DevOps and Cloud Trends for 2023


With the end of the year comes predictions for next year in DevOps and Cloud Native.

DevOps Future

Cloud FinOps

FinOps is an infinite game. By this we mean that you are never really done at getting better at it. (Introduction to O'Reilly DevOps Book 2de edition)

As the Cloud adoption continue, FinOps will be part of the journey. For small company, where small money can matter, to big tech company that can save millions on Cloud bills. As time goes, money leaks on bills can only goes bigger if leave at it is.

DevSecOps / Zero Trust

Big actors are already seriously in the security, with subjects like zero trust. I will predict that small company will adopt those technics soon. Next'22, the Google Cloud main event was a lot about bring security almost as Security as a Service, with easy to apply security supply chain.

Google brought a full solution of Zero Trust with Beyound Corp on Google Cloud Platform not so long ago.

Bring security experts and IA to smaller company is already an important challenge.

Green / Sustainability

This was a broad topic in Next'22. Sustainability, bring dashboard of carbon footprint to the Cloud user. This goes with the FinOps for using less compute power can make savings for money.

Hide Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a trend for a decade now. It can be hard to maintain application on a cluster, even managed like GKE. Kubernetes is not going to disappear soon but can be hidden to the user with simpler implementation. You already have GKE autopilot and Cloud Run on Google Cloud that does that, the hidden technology is Kubernetes, the user maintain only his Dockerfile. Like a real Container as a Service.

Nothing new, but it will be broader, new Kubernetes services are launch often.

Cloud Workstations

This is a Google announcement on Google Next'22 as well. The launch of a fully managed development environments. Github workspace launch a similar service this year, Windows 365 was launch last year.

The idea is either to have a full Desktop on Cloud or only key components for developments team. This will lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improve security. You can with Google have the whole supply chain in the Google Cloud Platform from IDE to deployments.

Cloud Hybrid

This is already a huge topic to execute code from multiple Cloud Provider at once. Google launch his Kubernetes solution with his tool Anthos.