I am a french web and fullstack developer working in Normandy, on the journey of DevOps learning. I’ve also an interrest on Software Architecture, as I think there are both tied now, and my background is mainly a developer.

The DevOps side of my job grows with it, as my superiors allow me to do more and more. To explain quickly, the need for DevOps was here, but without anyone with good knowledge on it. I tried to improve my DevOps skills on my spare time, it tooks me months, learning stuffs on my own, passed the Google Cloud Exam. Go to some local DevOps Meetups.

One of my main learning source is the O’Reilly Media website, that get access to all the famous O’Reilly books, but also, and maybe more important, all the very high quality conferences, with thousands hours of videos. The membership is expensive, but totally worth it for me!

Feel free to reach me on Twitter, I’ll add some kind of contact form here soon.