Language for technical blog post

I made my first blog 15 years ago. started 2 years in french and ever since in english. Was it a good choice or not. Here is some quick thougths about it. About choosing between your language (french, spanish…) and english.

In technical, i mean programming or devops stuff like I do, in my level as a regular senior worker, but not a high level guru.


  • Larger audiance. No doubt that much more persons speak english that french. In technical computer field, we read english all day longs.
  • You won’t reach hacker news or reddit audience with french or spanish.
  • Might gain some skill writing in english, which is very differents that listening to some podcasts or videos.
  • It might be easier to have high quality feedback. Where is you interrest between broad or quality audience. That said, I Nevers really had interresting comments, that is why I turned off comments.


  • Easier to commit in the long run with a more natural language. I’m not a huge blog poster, I might post more often if it was in english.
  • It’s easier to write smooth content in natural language. My english is not that fluent. I guess it’s not a way to build an audience this days.
  • Does technical poeple stil read blog post these days anyway, other than high level, well selected persons. Why bother with english therefor, it’s all about yourself anyway and structure your own thinking.
  • I read once something about starting local with notoriaty, and reach more and more broader audience as tout skill grows. Meaning you could have a better feedback starting with local persons like meetup.
  • Technical blog could have several aims like structure thougths, keep records of research (no, we all keep records in other ways like [[Obsidian]]).Write stuff help you structure tour thinking, and It could be easier with tour native language. Maybe less frictions if it’s done in native langage. It’s give more space to the througt itself and not how to formulate it.