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12 Useful Tools for DevOps


Here are some tools useful for DevOps, there is no particular order, might be beginner oriented.

  1. VSCode: you need an editor, to get lots of yaml right. You can run VSCode in a server as a remote agent. It's free. Vim is fine for quick edits on servers.
  2. Vim: if you need to edit a file in a server, you don't bother with VSCode Remote, just a quick editor directly on the server like vim.
  3. Term, Screen, Tmux, Zsh...: You spend some time in a terminal, it could make sense to have something that make you comfortable with your workflow.
  4. Ansible: A must for server configuration.
  5. Terraform: Don't know yet Infrastructure as Code? You should give it a try, worth the effort.
  6. HTTPie. This one is a curl like CLI for http request, with nice colors and features. (python). Curl/wget is sometime "raw", postman/insomnia feels like a bazooka, HTTPie is in the middle.
  7. Certbot: this one could sound strange, but certificates are everywhere, Let's encrypt is always a good to know.
  8. jq: it's a CLI tool that allow to manipulate some json output. useful to parse and get a value from a json.
  9. NCDU: this one is a disk usage in Ncurse, it takes very little space to install and allow you to find large files on a server.
  10. scp: not everyday tool, but sometimes it can be useful to move file around servers.
  11. Krew: Plugin manager for Kubernetes. I only know two of them, ctx et ns for switching of cluster (context) and namespace. Make sure you are on the right cluster can be useful.
  12. CNCF Landscape: not really a tool, but nice to check products that exists for a particular problem.
  13. telnet, netstat: Let's admit that DevOps deals often with network, some tools and knowledge about this can help.