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12 Tips to Reduce Cloud Cost FinOps


I want to give quick advice on reducing cloud bills. I wrote a Introduction to FinOps, but I want something more like a checklist.

  1. Turn off compute engine with schedule instances
  2. Rightsize, meaning reduce the size of compute engine instances, SQL and other
  3. Preemptible, spot give a really good discount up to 70% on instances
  4. Get people involved, they now what can be remove
  5. Tag and label everywhere
  6. Know how to read details in a cloud bills
  7. Commitments 1 or 3 years to resources
  8. Choose the right bucket class (Nealine, Coldline, Archive...)
  9. Look for waste
  10. Logs can help you
  11. Budgets, Alerts, Forecast
  12. Network are expensive, Gzip everything can save bandwidth
  13. Pricing calculator is your best friend