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Give a try to the ThoughtWorks Radar


If you don't already know the ThoughtWorks radar, check it out now.

The idea is to take a snapshot of your technology state (cloud be mixed you entreprise as well).

It's splitted in 4 parts, but you can set your own

It's also "ranged" into sections

Here what is look like.

Why git is not listed ?: Here is the idea, once a technology is adopt for a while, it passed throught the center and fade away. There is no point to have a bunch of spots for obvious technologies adopted while ago.

You can build one with a much nicer look here or try the simplified version here.

So here it goes, I give it a try, you can check mine here.

I think I'll try to update the radar every 6 months, and make a new one to keep the history. I might keep them online to access easily to the history. This is kind of an experimentation.

2021 update: I'm not really update the radar very often, I thougt it would be interresting for a personnal purpose to see evolution in my technologies adoption, but I did not took the time to maintain the radar.