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6 months of DevOps mentoring


What we are talking about.

I read some goods comments about mentoring, even chapters of technical books can talk about this. That's why, last year I made some efforts for finding a mentor, even make a blog post (in french). I found one in a french forum and proposed to mentoring someone in the same time.

I have mix feelings about the gain of the experience. I sure learn some stuffs, maybe not as much as I thougt I would. The person I did mentor has a lower understainding of DevOps than me, I'm sure it was more profitable for him than me.

That said, it was very plaisant to talk about a shared passion. And it open some thinkings. It was fun and worth the effort. The fun thing for intermediate level is that you conduct both side of the mentoring, with the lower knowledge that you mentor, it's easier to say to him where to start and where to go, but with the higher knoledge than me, the one that mentoring me, it's me that ask what I need and where I want to go. Maybe it's depends of the personnality of each one. As I said, it was fun.

Summer Holydays and time passing by, make that we all lost sight.