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Sync and Backup Obsidian Vault with Azure files


This is a quick setup that I am trying right now. I am a Cloud Operator and DevOps, and use Obsidian as a primary note taking app. This trick is a very inexpensive, synchronization and backup option between devices.

Azure files has some SMB capabilities with nice backup and snapshot solutions. You don't specify the size of the capacity of the storage before but only on the usage. This mean you will pay only for your vault size, no more.

My vaults are text only, I do not use it for PDF and only little pictures. This allows me to keep a light vault. With a vault size lighter that 100Mo, this will cost less than 0.01$ a month. I'll not post a full how-to but here is some small steps to reproduce the setup.

This is a very easy way to setup some nice sync and backup solution on Obsidian. Hope It can help.
You might want to check this alternative that I wrote using syncthings.