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Sync Obsidian Between Laptop and Android


I'm using Obsidian for two months now. Here is a quick post about the sync part between devices.

It will sync everything, plugins and even the page you are currently on. I did not have any conflict since I'm using the solution (few weeks). The sync is near real time, without any action.

My Setup

I only sync two devices, but it should work with more.

I Tried Google Drive

Not ideal, but it works. I bought insync for Linux years ago and was using FolderSync on Android. It does not sync in real time, but it's good enough. I setup the sync every hour and forced the sync when I was switching of devices.

Just found Syncthings

I don't know why I never heard about this, but it's a very nice solution for sync files between devices. Clean setup and seems to be very robust. I'm not sure how it works, it does not seems to a be a client-server implementation, but more a decentralized architecture. Clean and professional piece of software. (dev speaking here, well, kind of DevOps now)


Raid is not a backup. Sync is not a backup. Do your backup!
I'm using a Google Cloud Storage (S3 like bucket), to manually upload files one in a while. Might give a try to the git plugin.


Sync a laptop and an Android device with Syncthings works for me. Think about your backup. I'll give an update here if I change my setup (wrote this in January 2022).
4 months later: this still my setup

You might want to check an alternative a bit more complex with Azure file storage.