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3 Things in Azure I Wish GCP Have


I passed the GCP professional certificate last year and I'm now studying for Azure for work. I'll will not cover here the obvious Windows part, as I guess I would like to have some out of the box Windows 11 VM in GCP that they dont have.

Storage SMB

Azure Files share works with SMB and NFS protocole. It is like a bucket that you don't need to provision first, you pay on what you use. If the service can become expensive quickly, for small usage it's a very cheap solution. I even implement a solution with the note taking app Obsidian for file sync between devices.

On GCP, you have Filestore, but you need to provision first, with a minimum size of 1To for HHD and 2.5To for SSD. Meaning it's a solution that is expensive for storing few Go.

Another solution is to use a Google Storage (pay for what you use, meaning few "Go" is cheap), with a fuse solution. It's not quite the same has Azure solution.

Azure Policy

Build-in policies can be useful. This is like a checklist for official compliance like for payments or ISO-27001. This could help for audit controls.

This means it will show some red flags if you build resources that is not compliant for some aimed regulatory compliance. List of compliance are up to date, like PCI DSS 4.0, SWIFT CSCF 2021...

I don't think there is any alternative in Google Cloud Platform that come in mind.


In Azure, everything is a resources and you can setup a deletion protection lock. This is not a security feature but more a prevent for errors that can be handy.

In GCP, you have on VMs an option "Enable deletion protection", but only on VMs, this is not something you can find across resources.

Few more words

I'm not saying one is better that the other one, just picking few feature that Azure has it right, I could do the same thing the opposite way.