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Note Taking App Emacs Roam Worth to Try Even in 2023


I'm the kind of tech guy that like to play with note taking apps. I used Obsidian, Notion, Dendron, OneNote, Logseq and much more. I'm familiar with the PARA method. My last try is Emacs Roam (Org Mode). I played with it for maybe 3 months and like it.

I'm a vim user for 15+ years for sure. I played with Emacs a long time ago but did not commit to it. I heard about Org mode but never give a decent try. For those who don't know Emacs, it's been around forever! (1976) You know, Stallman, GNU Projects...

I have not installed the emacs "vanilla" but the Doom Emacs"framework" instead. This is much easier to give a try without loosing to much time with configuration. I understand that the software is not as easy as the other one, you need geek attitude, but not much for a start.

I like the SSH approach, no need to synchonize devices, but I cannot access it (easily) with my phone. I know this could be a deal breaker for some folks. SSH approach let me to access from multiple devices without leaving notes on my work computer.

Here is some quick cool stuffs with Emacs Roam

In the note taking app world, you'll heard a lot about majors apps like Notion, Obsidian, Evernote. But even in articles with long list you will not find "Emacs" in choices. This a not well known software for notes.